Core processes

  • Sales incentive scheme – Many of the sales schemes are convertible into an IT solution, which supports the sales targets efficiently. The changes in market and business targets do not create a need to change the entire system or several modules either, but in case it is needed, our experts are ready to support our partners after the installation process as well.
  • Agent portal development – Supporting agents and brokers via our online portal solutions, with covering the structure in the background and providing advanced online services. Our goal is to create the best modular framework based solutions in order to create a flexible environment.
  • Visualization of sales statistics and metrics  – The wide selection of metrics and reports delivers fast  information to the executives about the sales performance. KPI’s and the related infographs help to get prepared for making the right decision.
  • Invoicing – Multi audited digital invoicing solution which meets the statutory regulations and manages the invoicing process instead of the sales agent, with being able to send the invoice  automatically to company clients.
  • Fraud prevention – Our fraud prevention solutions discover and locate the most dangerous weaknesses which could lead to fraud or an attempt to get in to the system. In the past several years our system recorded more than 500 000 000 transactions, and based on our detailed studies and researches we were able to plan and develop our market leading solutions in order to avoid and stave off fraud activity.
  • Digital documents, office, HR solutions – Our Back Office Support Solutions open the door for searching documents easily, with many other useful functions. Support to the entire HR department with different tools enables focusing strongly on the key processes of the HR lifecycle.
  • Accounts receivable management – Handling this function digitally makes Prevention and the Key  processes more efficient.
  • Data market and data warehouse – Unified information platform with connection to the core systems which enables a different view for each user level, based on their interests and needs.
  • Mobile solutions –  Unique identification, mobile banking, push notification, unified user interfaces, marketing support.


  • Middleware solutions – Usage of a middle layer between Core systems and User Interfaces
  • SOA Service-bus – Using trusted web technologies to support communication between IT systems.
  • Code-units, native and cross-platform solutions – Mobile integration, where we can provide the best combination of solutions. Due to our modular based thinking and professionalism we can find the best platform for your problem which decreases the time necessary for development and operative costs as well.

User surface

  • Mobil solutions
  • Individual identification
  • Marketing tools, push notification

Security and conformity

  • Conformity, assessment – BASEL II audit conformity. Assessment of applications and the infrastructure. Creation and execution of strategic plans.
  • Information security – One-Time-Password solutions. Application protection. Information protection, identification, authority and access protected solutions for sensitive information. Available for companies also with multi-level access and hierarchy.

Információs infrastruktúra

  • Enterprise Backup, Recovery and Archiving service – Handling information securely which strengthens the protection of data and, at the same time, decreases costs for the company.
  • Business Continuity – Provides continuous availability for IT systems in order to process information.
  • Infrastructure consolidation and optimization – Focus on optimized data center solutions and maximization of IT resources allocation and usage up.
  • E-mail and message delivery – Improves functional efficiency and the optimal messaging environment, automatizes the way of message storing and destruction.